Gary Smith is a Golf Monthly UK Top 25 Coach and a PGA Master Professional for his knowledge and experience within golf.

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Gary has 14 years experience of working with England's top amateur stars as an EGU Technical Coach, working with European Tour players including Danny Willett, Justin Rose, Chris Wood, Ross Fisher, Gary Boyd, Ollie Fisher, Richard Finch, David Horsey, Seve Benson, Nick Dougherty, Paul Waring and Gary Wolstenholme.

He is a Golf Monthly UK Top 25 Coach and a PGA Master Professional for his knowledge and experience within golf.

Golf Monthly 2011 219
Golf Monthly 2011 221
Golf Monthly 2011 222

Gary is rated one of the best short game coach in the UK.

Playing highlights

  • Winner Kenya Open
  • 2nd Kenya Open
  • 3rd Nigerian Open
  • 3 x Winner West of England Championships
  • 3 x competed in The Open Championship
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Coaching experience

  • Awarded PGA Master Professional of the Professional Golfers' Association in 2022
  • Awarded Advanced Fellow of the Professional Golfers' Association in 2006
  • English Golf Union England Men's Squad Technical Coach - 14 years
  • Lecturer for PGA seminar entitled 'Passion for the Short Game' 05 - current
  • Lecturer for PGA seminar entitled 'Enhance Your Passion for Short Game' 09 - current
  • Travelling Coach for the victorious England Team - European Team Champions 2005
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  • Great Britain and Ireland Top 25 Coach as voted by Golf Monthly 2004 - current
  • Swiss Professional Squad - Short Game Specialist Coach
  • English Golf Union A Squad Coach
  • English Golf Union - Pathway to Success - Lead Coach
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  • English Golf Union Coach South Region - Boys Under 18 - 16 years
  • Golf Monthly Teaching Panelist - 18 years
  • Lead Coach Hampshire Junior Tournament Squad 2011 - current
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  • Gloucester - Short Game Specialist Coach
  • Glamorgan County - Short Game - 2004 - current
  • Coach to the University of Exeter - World Students Matchplay Champions 2007 - '06- current
  • EWGA Select Girls Squad - Regional Coach 2011- current
  • EWGA Super Birdie Girls - Regional Coach
  • EWGA Birdie Girls - Under 14 - Regional Coach
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  • Produced 2 DVDs Short Game with Gary Smith and Long Game with Gary Smith
  • Produced 2 iphone apps Golf Monthly with Gary Smith Short Game and Gary Smith Long Game
  • 'Play Better Golf' DVD/Video in association with Justin Rose Detailed Short Game Instruction '03
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  • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Short game Specialist Coach - Juniors
  • Somerset - Senior County Team - Short Game Specialist Coach
  • Coached Richard Boxall to European Tour Italian Open Victory And Dunhill Cup selection for England
  • Coached Wayne Riley to European Tour Scottish and Portuguese Open victories and Dunhill Cup selection for Australia
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Client Testimonial

"I struggled out of bunkers. I have only recently started to use the linear method but it works for me."

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ssr 下载

"He thoroughly enjoyed his coaching session, we were impressed how you were teaching him and clearly he must have because he learnt a lot and found it fun, he actually wanted to stay and carry on"

Client Testimonial

"VERY pleased to say that, following coaching with you, I did win that singles knockout competition. This is after 25 YEARS OF TRYING ! See you soon Gary."


"Just wanted to say you've revolutionised my short game. My bunker play is more consistent and with a wedge in my hands I'm peppering the pin. I played a quick 6 holes in the dusk and shot 3 under! Thanks so much"

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"Thank you, you have an enthusiasm and air of desire for improvement I haven't see in many coaches, one that matches my own"

Client Testimonial

"Was a dream to meet and be taught by you, I've played once since and have seen a massive difference I actually feel like I know when I stand over the ball I know what to do!!!"


Gary has coached many Pro Tour Wins including: The Scottish Open, Italian Open, Portuguese Open and Australian Open plus 2 Dunhill Cup Selections.

Short game golf DVD/Video

Short game golf DVD/Video

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Gary Smith helps you perfect your short game with his simple Linear Method.

Long game golf DVD/Video

Long game golf DVD/Video

Incl. worldwide post & packing

Gary Smith helps you perfect your long game.


Short Game and Long Game - 4 DVD disc set

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You get everything you need to change your game for the better forever!

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Combine golf on great courses with coaching from Gary and meet passionate golfers who are mad keen to improve.

Golfing holiday - tuition in Spain

3 nights at the beautiful Andalucian La Cala Resort. Coaching with Gary each morning covering all aspects of the game then 18 holes each afternoon with buggies on the 3 spectacular championship courses. An a la carte dinner with wine each evening is included in this special golf break package.

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Gary Smith Golf

PGA Master Professional

P: +44 1189 888153
M: +44 7798 623008
E: gary@garysmithgolf.co.uk



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Sutton Green Golf Club

Training/Lesson Course

New Lane. Sutton Green.
Nr Guildford
Surrey. GU4 7QF

+44 1483 747898 (Club Office)

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@garysmithgolf: England Coach 14 years, short game specialist, coaching the revolutionary Linear Approach

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25 Game Changer Golfing Tips

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I'll never forget seeing footage of 4 separate swings of Nick Faldo playing different shots at the 1992 Open at Muirfield. One was on the first tee of the first round and the final sequence of swings was on the last tee in the final round. So there were different pressures throughout the sequences. The amazing thing is all the timings of the swings from his identical pre-address position into impact position were within 3/10ths of a second. Pre-shot processes start by standing behind the ball looking at your intended target, seeing and feeling you hitting the perfect shot. This visualisation is very powerful in producing your best golf. Pick clear defined targets, consider using the shaft through the ball to on ground reference points - a la Jack Nicklaus/Justin Rose - to help with club face alignment and with a deep breath , exhaling with a key word (come on - great swing! or You can do it!) that gets you up to commit to the process, you begin your address and swing.

The process from final decision making into impact should take no longer than between 8-12 seconds. This is to avoid invading negative thoughts clouding your clarity and affecting your shot. So learn and practice a pre-shot routine that suits you and get into the habit of using it, no matter what the situation, on the practice ground, as well as on the course

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With over 98% of my students improving significantly when changing to the Linear Approach, this chip shots shows how simple and effective my method of chipping really is¦

If you want to play your best golf and score low, then clever preparation is the key

1. Your Game - practising the night before a big event doesn't normally do it! Getting your game in shape requires quality practice, working on the areas of weakness and based on the course you're going to play. Small greens means more short game tuning. A long course means get the driver working etc. The reality is that focused practice takes 4 - 6 weeks to filter through into your game

2. Your Game Plan - prepare the night before with an equipment check, balls, gloves, tees etc and of course 14 clubs max. A pre play warm up and stretch is normal behaviour for the pros and even more important for the keen club golfer. Physically and psychologically, this plays a powerful part in any pre game preparation. Plan your course management to suit the conditions - hard and bouncy? Then plenty of irons and lofted woods off the tee. Think strategy and stick to it! Break the round up in 6 lots of 3 holes with a target score for each 3 hole stretch ie let's play the first 3 holes in 1 over your handicap as it's the start of the round and the second hole is really tough. Then re-group for the next 3.

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So if you want to max your game, get your brain trained!

A few years' ago I had a routine prostate check which was normal. I saw something on TV about it recently and although I had no symptoms, felt fully fit, regular jogs as normal, thought I should go for another check up. Glad I did! Following a diagnosis of prostate cancer, my op is in mid-April and prognosis is excellent for the future. Without this early intervention my Consultant tells me things would be very different. So many people I've talked to have been affected either themselves or with close friends or family. So my very important tip for this month is don't delay - see your GP and get it checked!

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To play your very best golf and to give yourself every chance of success, you need to stand on the 1st and be able to say to yourself, I've done everything I reasonably can to play great today - - I deserve to do well.

This means good preparation, confident practice, knowing the course and how to manage it but also having equipment that you know is perfect for your game and physique. Having your clubs custom fit by an expert is so important in the modern game. Shaft flex, kick point, grip thickness, length/lie/loft, swing weight, launch angle and spin rate are just some of the checks that an expert club fitter will test out for you and your game. So my advice is visit a respected and experienced custom fit expert near you. Golf Principles under Jason MacNiven is where I send all of my players who want the right advice for their game. Go see Jason!

Jason appears on my Long Game DVD/app - giving excellent advice on the importance of club fitting

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*89 responses from November 2013 short game survey

Use my favourite Line Drill to double check your set up technique. Mimic the photo below with ball position left heel, shaft parallel to and behind the ball/left heel line and sternum on top of the ball. When striking the sand, the focus is on the point 2 inches behind the ball. Practice this without the ball first and if strike is on the shaft line, or close to, try the ball. The sand divot should start straight through the ball target line and then exit slightly left.

怎样在电脑上下载手游阴阳师:2021-6-15 · 怎样在电脑上下载 手游阴阳师相关资料 阴阳师手游新手快速升级攻略 阴阳师手游新手快速升级攻略,在游戏中很多玩家发现别人都已经20多级了,自己才5、6级,那么要怎么升级快呢?下面就跟随游民小编一起来了解一下吧。阴阳师手游新手快速 ...

To ensure you have a powerful and consistent swing, engage the midsection muscles at address, which would be core, quads, glutes. You can then coil into the backswing on top of a solid base and then deliver the right side of the body into the ball, compressing the ball and the rotating into the finish.

This is one of my favourite sayings because so many people produce a collapsed backswing that's too comfortable, lacks arc width and leads to huge inconsistency. Feel that your body is coiling patiently and powerfully on top of your legs towards an uncomfortable spring-like position at the top. Maintain the arm width and together with an adequate wrist cock, around 90 degrees between forearm and shaft, will not only maintain the arc width potential but produce loads of stored energy to uncoil the body and release the clubhead. The strike should be reactionary to the coil and NOT require great physical strength, but a simple uncoiling of the upper body and hand and forearm release of clubhead ie effortless power

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US Open now under way - June 2013 - at the very tight, heavily roughed, cleverly bunkered Merion course in Pennsylvania and the person who will win is the one who can keep the ball in play off the tee but as importantly, get up and down from around the green. Current leader after one round, Phil Mickelson, is carrying 5, yes 5 wedges and has taken out his driver. Is this a lesson you could take on board for your game? So my advice is carry a minimum of 3 wedges but consider introducing more scoring clubs and less long distance clubs if you want to lower your scores. Allow 4 degrees between each club but maximum 5 if you're carrying only 3 wedges.

You are!! Then consider the following. ~ * BE PROACTIVE and find a COACH and NOT a teacher. * Ensure that they have experience, a proven track record and/or come recommended by someone you trust. Arrange a GET TO KNOW session and check to see if they * initially LISTEN MORE THAN THEY TALK * Promise UNREALISTIC OUTCOMES * Ask for info on your PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS and past / current INJURIES * Offer you an ONLINE SUPPORT facility * radiate a GOOD GUT FEELING * Ask you to sign up to MASS OVERKILL SESSIONS. If you are satisfied with all of the above then COMMIT TO THE PROCESS, BE DEMANDING (but realistic) of YOUR COACH and YOURSELF and ENJOY THE JOURNEY to BETTER SCORES and a LOWER HANDICAP !!

Working on your stroke mechanics to improve your TRUE end -over- end roll and avoid inconsistent putter face path /loft /angle of attack is the key !! Get expert help together with drills and video analysis to hole more putts and lip-in rather than spin-out !!

There a so many problems associated with standing open, with your hands ahead of the ball when close to the green,including: poor posture, leading edge digging in, grip driving at impact causing a lack of control, wrong shoulder movement,(up and left of target), a defensive negative approach to the shot etc,etc. Try standing at, or slightly right of target,70% of weight on the front foot with your hands directly over the clubhead and the ball opposite the left heel . This promotes a better posture ,positive right hand delivery, and target focused body turn into the target - everything you need for great short game performance.

If you are about to make a powerful yet controlled golf swing,and you also want consistency you HAVE to coil from a strong athletic and stable posture. To check if YOU have the ideal set-up take your stance and JUMP vertically up and you should land in perfect balance.

I bet your course if playable is saturated and the bunkers have taken a hammering. With compacted, wet sand make these changes and you'll pop out beautifully every time! Stand taller and more over the ball with your weight on the left ball of the foot, almost toppling over on to the toes. This allows your hands to drop more vertically underneath you. You can now set the club up with an early wrist cock, steeper in the backswing. From here allow the right hand to deliver the bounce directly behind the ball, with a positive, aggressive release and body rotation into the finish. Job done!

When looking down the line check to see if your forearms are in-line wth the shaft or do you stand with your hands too low at address? This can cause a wristy action and likely poor control and inconsistancy with your stroke. The photo left allows my shoulders to be in charge and so a far more solid and reliable action

Next time you have a chance to play 9 holes and are up for trying something different then give this great on course challenge a go. This test is designed to focus your game not on your score but on a DISCIPLINED APPROACH TO COURSE MANAGEMENT and SOLID TEE TO GREEN PLAY AND PUTTING. As England technical coach for 14 years this test was used regularly with the England Elite Squad. So if you can keep the ball on the short grass and own an effective short game then your performance, like world class player and former Elite Squad member JUSTIN ROSE can reach new heights as well !!

I love using my lob wedge and 56 degree around the green but I also understand that to make this part of the game simple and effective, I also use all the clubs in the bag, except driver and 3 iron. Don't be one dimensional because with every situation around the green, there's a club in your ‘tool kit' that gets the job done more effectively than another.

Take a look at short game specialist European Tour multi winner, Brett Rumford, to get his take around the green. NOTICE HIS LINEAR APPROACH SET UP!!

Work on a pre-putt ritual that delivers the strike of the ball within 8-12 seconds of arriving at your final decision of line and pace. Short term memory weakens by 20% every 8 seconds, so don't delay, follow Rory McIlroy's lead and see it, feel it and once you've decided DO IT!

For all short game shots, including bunkers, the right hand is dominant in delivering the clubhead and bounce (the sole) under the ball; the left hand is just a passenger. If your grip tension is only 1 out of 10 in the left hand and never more than 3 out of 10 in the right hand, the clubhead can be released creating effortless speed. The loft can then be delivered, the bounce can help you slide the club under the ball and you won't have to drive the grip to create clubhead speed which is main cause of poor striking and difficulty with distance control.

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To produce more clubhead speed with a driver, a squarer ball strike and correct clubhead rise angle into impact; position your sternum/chest 6 - 9 inches behind the ball at address, with your weight 70/30 on your right side (the ball position just inside your left big toe). Fire the clubhead fast and free on a slight upswing, with your head behind the ball at impact. The body should turn into the finish, following the clubhead release.

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